This martial arts workout is actually that circuit is easy to perform weather you are at home or gym. To perform it at home you will have to have two peaces of equipment – one kettlebell and TRX.

It will take you only 20min to do it, 10min of total workout, 10min rest.

How does it work?


Four sets of five different exercises, 30sec workout, 30sec rest:

1. Jumping squats
2. Push ups
3. Two Arm Ketllebell swings
4. Burpee’s
5. TRX pull-ups

So start with any exercise you like, eg. jumping squats for 30 sec, then rest for 30sec, then 30sec of push ups, rest for 30 sec, then 30sec of kettlebell swings, rest for 30sec, then 30sec of burpees, rest foe 30sec then 30sec of TRX pull-ups and that is one set done. You have to do four of them.

The beauty of this workout is that you can choose how hard and fast you want to do the exercises.

Few tips:Jumping squats – start in squat position and jump straight up, land on feet, not on your toes, and back to sat and jump up. Remember to keep the flow, no stoping in between squats.Push ups – it doesn’t matter how many you will do, what does matter is to do push ups properly and not to do them too fast so you don’t get tired to quickly. You want to last whole 30sec through four rounds – That tip goes for all exercises. TRX pull-ups – you can adjust level of resistance by changing your angle. More horizontal you go, harder it gets.

For ketllebell swings, burpiee’s and more tips about TRX pull-ups have a look at the videos on youtube.

If you haven’t done any kettlebell swing before, this video will explain how to do it right. Notice video  One Arm Swing, you will use same technique with two arms.

Watch how this guy does a push-up when he is doing burpee’s.


This martial arts workout is great for gaining more functional strength, which is what good martial artist needs. Just try this simple workout and you can be sure that in a matter of weeks your endurance will go through the roof and you will achieve your desired goals. I hope this workout plan will be useful for you and it will help you with your training. Good luck on your way to a stronger body and better endurance…

I hope you will enjoy it!