We love wrestling and MMA because they are among the best total body and cardio workouts.

Mixed martial arts are a fantastic way to minimize daily stress and enables you to take out all your anger and frustrations. Likewise, wrestling drills are extremely well-known for their amazing impacts on health.

Everyone would like to find the best way to get into shape while having fun. There are plenty of great methods to do that, like martial arts and boxing, but among the fastest approaches to shed those pounds is always to check out a MMA school that specializes in wrestling.

Wrestling moves for novices require a trainer who has a better grasp of the techniques involved. It is rather simple to learn some basics, however.

At EWF Wrestling, we also train students in different styles. All our fighters need basic sparring experience, so we incorporate martial arts into what is otherwise a wrestling-intensive program. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate techniques all apply to being a solid fighter.

With all these styles, there is a bit of overlap. For instance, the fundamental punches in kickboxing are exactly the same as the ones in boxing.

Wrestling workout routines can subsequently be designed, based on the moves you master, step-by-step, so that the crowd is guaranteed to get excited. We only accept students who are willing to totally work the whole body and burn massive levels of calories in only a short timeframe.

Not only do our students learn some serious self-defense moves, but they also gain an excellent quantity of self-confidence along the way as they make the transition to a seimi-pro fighter.

EWF is a superb way to live your dream. You must:

  • Be a male between 18-30 years of age
  • Have the ability to train nights and weekends in our gym
  • Sign a waiver releasing us from liability
  • Have no recent criminal history
  • Submit to periodic drug and blood tests

If you’re interested in developing a heightened level of balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance while providing a show for MMA fans, EWF is for you.

The most fundamental techniques we teach involve a lot of concentration on proper footwork and keeping good balance. Learning how to fight and wrestle properly always comes before learning how to be an entertainer.

Rather than a boring and repetitive day in the gym, EWF Wrestling and MMA differs and permits you to really have charge of your entire body and develop a number of different skills and techniques.